Freelancing Task One – Join

For the first time in 16 years I can officially say I am without work. Having worked on and built some amazing things in that time my last job came to a natural end, who says the economic climate is looking up for everyone?. However with great disappointment often comes great opportunity, it was less than 2 weeks ago when the commute home took me 2.5 hours. A 30 minute drive had turned into a traffic nightmare. I came home fuming at the prospect of having to do the same thing over and over again at my current job. Long behold I no longer need to do that. It is a little scary I won’t lie, not having a job is not a nice place to be. I grew up in a family where working to look after yourself and your family was seen as the makings of a man. My father drove a bus for 30 years, he was proud of the fact that when many choose to sit and do nothing he never gave into that temptation and kept at what in the end was a thankless job.

So keeping in the same spirit I must look for work however commuting again and sitting behind a desk to be told what to do and when to do it doesn’t quite appeal to me. Of course there needs to be management in any kind of arrangement but the idea of being my own boss, is just too tempting. I am loving spending time at home with my youngest son it seems i have so much spare time now, something I never really had before.

Because of my circumstances I can now try my hand at freelancing and take control of what and when I work, whilst at the same time contributing to projects from around the world. The idea of having to source my own work seemed a little daunting at first however the Internet has many many sites that allow freelancers to bid and pitch for work. Some of these sites I have even signed up for in the past, one as way back as 2002. The problem is that you could be competing against webshops in India and Eastern Europe, competing against their level of reputation and low quotes is not an easy task.

However I had heard about Toptal before but never really gone through the sign up process fully, I after all had a full time job. However rather than pitch myself to death on some of the other sites I would rather give it a go and join Toptal Web Development Network, i am hoping I get selected into their elite group of coders. I don’t want to be coding low level and low cost solutions but want to work alongside the best and on the best projects. Being a freelancer isn’t easy you need self motivation, hard work and a good reputation. I am hoping Toptal will be able to provide me with both a good reputation and good levels of work. The motivation and hard work I have to handle myself.



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