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Measuring the flow

An Agile team’s focus on delivering software means that retro meetings are vital in highlighting possible improvements to the delivery process. Retrospectives can take two forms where nearly everyone has an opinion and it results in lots of potential ideas and action points for the next week. On the other hand they become very mountainous and uninspiring. The net result is despite changes in process it is difficult to put your finger on the improvements made.
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Configs Suck

Agile development is all about being  errm Agile, something a robot knows very little about. You don’t get many agile robots not even in the movies.

Configs are all about being Agile too, done well these little files of settings goodness give you a lightweight easily changeable way of modifying code behaviour without even having to release.  They are great for switching new code features on and off, when done right that is.
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