The scurge of the auto-playing Video

I have a chaotic, verging on the insane way of browsing (surfing) the web. Most people open up a browser window go to a website, look, digest and move on. I on the other hand go to a website, quickly (I mean within 10 or 20 seconds) lose interest, open a random link which looks interesting in a new tab and go elsewhere. If you multiply this chaos with an hours surfing the net result is many tabs open with very little idea where I started. I know its madness, but its controlled madness and I like it like that.

Recently I have found myself wondering what the sound coming out of my speakers was, I wasn’t playing anything so why was I hearing things. The culprit of the sound is the good old auto-playing video, videos that run as soon as you land on the page. Even Facebook are doing it now.  If you are like me and wander off in a new tab, chances are the advert will still be blaring out with you wondering what the hell is going on.

It was obvious the day Google bought YouTube that advertising and videos would converge one day but no one knew how. Auto-playing content grabs the attention of the user for sure but have these companies gone too far this time?

How long will users bear the fact that they no longer have to actively play a video for them to be exposed to its content?

I personally hate the thing, the only saving grace is that browsers (well Chrome at least) display a little speaker on the tab that is playing sound so you can at least simply close the tab.

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